Your Renewable Energy Options

Your Renewable Energy Options

Building a brighter future, together.

HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative serves its members with one of the largest renewable energy portfolios in the state. Over 20% of our energy comes from clean, renewable sources. And that percentage continues to grow. We are committed to finding innovative ways to source energy that is not only renewable, but also reliable and cost-efficient.

As a HomeWorks member, you can directly support bringing more renewable energy to our community. Check out the three programs we offer that will let you support renewable energy firsthand.

3-part illustration showing solar panels, electric lines, and co-op membersCommunity Solar
Think of community solar as a way to have the benefits of rooftop solar – without solar panels on your rooftop.

How does it work?
A panel subscription entitles you to a share of the energy produced by our SpartanSolar community array. We continue delivering your energy, and you’ll receive solar credits on your bill. There is nothing to install, nothing to maintain, and you can cancel at any time. Visit for more information, or talk to Energy Advisor Brandon Trierweiler by calling 517-647-7554.


graphic showing renewable energy powering a home; excess energy is sold to co-opDistributed Renewable Energy (formerly referred to as Net Metering)
Offset your energy usage with your own electric generation. Use what you need, sell what you don’t.

How does it work?
After you complete the installation of a solar generation system, we’ll install a special two-way meter that records how much electricity you use and how much you are putting on the grid. Every kWh you produce and use in your home is a kWh you don’t have to buy from us. If you use more than you produce, you will be billed for your usage. If you produce more than you use, a credit of $0.056 per kWh will be placed on your bill for the excess.


graphic showing member-built renewable generation; co-op buys all energy producedBuy-All/Sell-All
The straightforward, no-frills way of getting into solar. Install a system and sell all the electricity it produces to us.

How does it work? (effective July 1, 2018)
You install a system (maximum 100 kW in size) on your property. We’ll install a meter on your system that tracks all the energy you produce. We buy all electricity the system generates at $0.065 per kWh. With this option, you are a true energy supplier to your co-op. If your goal is to generate enough energy to cover your annual usage, buy-all / sell-all is the way to go.

This graphic will help summarize your options:

Chart comparing the renewable energy options


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