Yes, You CAN Pay With A Credit Card!

Yes, You CAN Pay With A Credit Card!

A few members have questioned an article in the September issue of Michigan Country Lines, in which we explained why our employees will not physically handle your credit card, nor do we have access to your full credit card number through our computer system.

While some other companies, for example restaurants, still take your credit card away for processing, the payment card industry has set very high security standards with costly penalties if there is a breach in credit card security.

As a member-owned cooperative, we felt the risk of such a penalty is too high a cost to expect our members to bear in case someone manages to hack our systems.

All credit card payments made to HomeWorks Tri-County are managed through a third-party system. You are encouraged to pay with your credit card at the payment station in either office, on our website, or by using our pay by phone service at 1-877-999-3395.

You can also store your number on the system when you’ve logged into your account via SmartHub (online or through your smart device), and through the pay by phone service. Once stored, you can then call our regular phone number and confirm the last 4 digits of the card number to a customer service representative. We can then use the stored information to process your credit card payment.

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