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Tri-County Propane

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Comfort and Reliability

Experience the comfort and reliability HomeWorks Tri-County Propane can provide for your home with convenient payment options and a capped winter rate. Learn more in this video on our YouTube page.

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MPSC Consumer Tip Sheet - How to select a propane supplierWhat to consider when you're looking for a propane provider...

The Michigan Public Service Commission prepared a fact sheet in August, 2014, helping consumers understand the range of products and services you might want from your propane supplier. (HomeWorks Tri-County Propane's Randy Halstead help develop the fact sheet.) Download the PDF file and learn about pricing plans, the pros and cons of owning your own tank or leasing one, and delivery options.

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Do you know the 9 CRUCIAL QUESTIONS to ask your9 Questions report propane supplier?

By asking your propane supplier the 9 crucial questions found in our FREE report, you’ll discover how much you really pay for service, and how to choose a company that will give you the best value. Click here to download your copy.


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