Tri-County Electric People Fund

Tri-County Electric People Fund

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We created the Tri-County People Fund in 1993; it’s made possible by members who allow us to "round up" their monthly energy bills to the next dollar. Over $2,200,000 has been granted to families and organizations with special needs since January 1993.

Every penny donated by HomeWorks members and customers is put to good use in community projects. The administrative costs to run the People Fund are small, and are paid by HomeWorks Tri-County Electric as our contribution.

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How Operation Round Up Works

What happens when you participate in Operation Round Up? Let's say your monthly bill comes to $77.56. We'll round it up to the nearest dollar, in this case it would be $78.00. The extra 44 cents goes directly to the Tri-County People Fund. The average round-up for each meter is just 50 cents a month - about the cost of one daily paper or a cup of coffee.

Each month, your bill shows an amount listed for Operation Round Up, and your bill will include the extra few cents to show an even dollar amount. In January and February of the following year, your total annual contribution will be listed on your energy bill for tax purposes, since these are tax-deductible contributions.

Nearly 50% of all Tri-County Cooperative members and customers participate in Operation Round Up.

We'll keep you informed about projects chosen for funding through Country Lines magazine, your local newspapers, and this webpage.

Three Ways To Opt In (or opt out)
Thanks for your interest in helping us give back to the communities we serve! You can learn more about Operation Round Up here. There are three ways that you can let us know you would like to participate in the program or discontinue your support.

  • Call us: 1-800-421-8956, extension 1272
  • Write us: just enclose a note with your next bill payment
  • Online: sign up on your SmartHub app

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