Propane in short supply across Midwest

Propane in short supply across Midwest

There have been severe shortages in propane supplies across the Midwest since last fall, and our suppliers may have to set us up on an allocation system that restricts our access to our contracted propane. To help make sure all our customers have enough fuel for the next weeks and months, we are filling tanks only to a maximum of 60%.

Factors contributing to the propane supply situation across 24 states include transportation issues, higher foreign exports, a late and wet harvest season (propane is used for grain drying), extreme cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, and pipeline disruptions or shutdowns.

We are keeping a careful eye on both the supply situation and your tank, so that you don’t have a propane outage. You can help us by checking your own propane tank gauge often and calling us at 1-877-574-2740 if it’s at 20% or lower.

You can also help by “dialing down” your thermostat to conserve your own fuel supply. Dialing down the thermostat just one degree during the winter can result in about 1 to 3 percent less fuel use. Instead of turning up the heat to increase the overall warmth in the huge volume of space inside your house, you can dial down and simply increase your personal insulation with a sweater or sweatshirt and warm socks to help retain body heat. It will take just a day or two for your body will adjust to the "new normal" house temperature. We also suggest using an alternate heat source, such as a woodstove or fireplace, if you have one available.

Our guaranteed capped and pre-buy prices will remain in effect through the heating season, which ends April 30. After that date, you’ll want to budget for an increase in prices, unless the wholesale market returns to its pre-shortage levels.

updated January 24, 2014

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