Our culture of safety

Our culture of safety

HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative is committed to safety
- for our employees, our members, and the general public - every day.

“Providing safe, reliable power is our top priority,” says Chris O'Neill, HomeWorks’ safety coordinator. “We want our members to know about the dangers associated with electricity, even though they use it safely every day. We also want our employees to return home safe and sound to their families every day.”

The Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP), administered by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), is a peer-review safety and loss control evaluation of electric utilities. It is an organized analysis of a system’s safety and loss control program that measures overall effectiveness.

This unique program began in 1967, and has developed over the years into a tool to assist electric utility management in its role and commitment to achieve and maintain high safety standards for the protection of its employees and the community served.

RESAP, which falls under the Education, Research, and Technology Committee of NRECA, is overseen by a group of delegates, including representatives from the National Utility Training and Safety Education Association, NRECA, the insurance industry, and the Rural Utilities Service (RUS). The present delegates include managers of electric distribution cooperatives, as well as a board member from another electric distribution cooperative.

Most of the items in the guidelines are just smart practices. For example:

  • Does the system have a written safety or loss control policy?
  • Is the responsibility for the program assigned to the general manager?
  • How often is pole-top rescue training conducted?
  • What percentage of employees has had first aid and CPR training?
  • Are job briefings conducted prior to start of work?
  • Are employees trained in hazard recognition?
  • Does the system distribute printed safety material or conduct community education programs?
  • Are the vehicles properly maintained?

Safety achievement looks at many areas of a system’s operations. However, foremost is management's commitment to maintain high safety standards for the protection of our employees and the communities we serve.

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