My Bill

My Bill

Your bill includes a lot of valuable information. Here's a guide to understanding what it's telling you.

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You will also find an electronic copy (as a PDF file) of your last 18 months of bills attached to your account in SmartHub.

What is a Power Supply Cost Recovery factor?

Each year, our staff and Wolverine Power Cooperative work together to estimate how much power our members will need for the coming year, and how much it will cost to generate or purchase that power for you to use. That estimated cost is passed on to you through our current approved rates, adjusted by the Power Supply Cost Recovery (PSCR) factor on your monthly power bill.

Where does the money go?

Each month, actual power costs are compared to how much was collected through the PSCR factor. If power costs are higher than estimated, we end up with an “under collection.” But if power costs less to generate than expected, it results in an “over collection.”

We hold over collections in a special account, and that account's balance is reported to the cooperative’s board of directors each month. The PSCR may then be adjusted to collect less from members in the future.

Why don’t you estimate power costs more accurately, so there’s no over or under collection?

Estimating power costs is difficult. As we've seen in recent years, fuel costs can change dramatically without much notice. Wolverine makes its estimates based on historical information and its contracts for future fuel deliveries, but weather, pipeline problems, and other factors can change the actual costs. The board of directors approves these estimates and has the final costs audited.

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