Member Meeting Notices

Member Meeting Notices

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Special Member Meetings

HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, member-regulated electric utility, which makes us a little different. By member-regulated, we mean that policy and rates are set by the Board of Directors, who are elected by their neighbors to serve in this capacity.

Decisions like these are made at special open member meetings. When a meeting is set, we'll post the date, time, and location here and at our offices, as well as in Country Lines magazine. Any actions taken or decisions made at the meeting will be published in the same places. You can download a copy of previous official notices below.

Notice to Members of HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative Tariff and Fee Changes Effective January 1, 2018 and later

The HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative Board of Directors, at a Special Open Meeting held November 27, 2017, took action on several matters:
1) Revised the Cooperative’s Aid-to-Construction fee schedule, to take effect January 1, 2018.
2) Established the Cooperative’s Power Supply Cost Recovery factor at $(0.00261) per kWh, to take effect February 8, 2018.
3) Revised the cooperative’s rates and availability charges to take effect February 8, 2018, to meet current and future financial needs, based on an independent Cost of Service study.
For specific details on any HomeWorks tariffs or fees, please call us at 1-800-562-8232 or visit our website at

            (as published in January 2018 Country Lines)

Previous special meeting notices, and notice of the actions taken at those meetings:

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Member Access at Regular Board Meetings

The Board of Directors has set the first 15 minutes of their regular meetings as a time when members may address the board on any cooperative-related subject. The next meetings on the schedule are Monday. April 23, at Blanchard, and Monday, May 21, at Portland. Please call the office if you need directions to the meeting sites.

Members who wish to have an item considered as part of the meeting agenda should call the office at 517-647-7554 to make their request.

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