Manager's Message: Member leadership needed, here and in election cycles

Manager's Message: Member leadership needed, here and in election cycles

In May, we go from district to district, hosting an evening of information (and supper) for all members who choose to attend. We reach about 1,300 people through these seven meetings. It’s a busy two weeks for us, but we enjoy getting to see everyone again.

If you’ve attended your district meeting, you know that you’re asked to attend the Annual Meeting in August. If you agree, you become a delegate, representing 100 of your neighbors.

At this meeting, member-delegates approve the reports, such as the financial statements and the board of director election results.

Another purpose for the annual meeting is to allow the delegates to consider and vote upon any resolutions, bylaw amendments, or other actions brought up by the members at the district meetings in May. Although these types of actions don’t come up very often, the democratic process framework is there for you to use in controlling the co-op you own.

We also asked the members present to consider supporting the Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE) through Co-op Owners for Political Action. For as little as $2.08 a month, you can help make sure there is a voice speaking on your behalf in Washington, D.C., and in Lansing.

ACRE truly is a grass-roots political action committee; the average contribution per member is just $41. There are about 32,000 ACRE members across the USA, including electric co-op members who serve on their local electric co-op boards, as well as co-op employees.

We pointed out that every good business needs a business plan to be successful long-term, and in these days of increasing government regulations, we need to have a political plan to make sure our interests are considered when laws are passed or regulations are written.

In the past, many of you have sent postcards to Congress on behalf of your electric co-op and its interests. Now we’re asking you to take another step to help keep your electricity affordable and reliable. On the next page, you’ll find a form you can use to join with us. Also, visit to learn even more about issues affecting America’s electric cooperatives and what you can do to help.

Your voice is more important than ever in these politics-packed times. Will you speak with us?

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