Manager's Message: Demonstrating Our Commitment

Manager's Message: Demonstrating Our Commitment

Electric cooperatives were formed by farmers in an areas unserved by the large utilities. People got together and created a different kind of utility to bring them the services they needed but couldn’t provide on an individual basis.

Like co-ops, governments are formed by the people of a region to help themselves and their neighbors with centralized services, from roads to schools.

Governments, from your township board to the U.S. Congress, are supposed to improve the quality of our lives by working together to pool resources and provide those needed services. 

Similarly, HomeWorks Tri-County is your electric utility, not some faceless corporation. 

Neither situation is meant to be “Us vs. Them.” Your leaders in both cases are elected locally, from local people - not strangers brought in from elsewhere to control your lives without your consent. 

That means, as citizens, that our job doesn't end on Election Day. We become public servants ourselves - serving on a township board, coaching a Little League team, being a volunteer firefighter. 

And, we take time to let our elected public servants know what we’re asking them to do. We share our opinions and show our support, thank them when they get it right, talk to them when the course needs correction.

Through, a website created by NRECA, our national organization, you can make sure your opinion is heard. And through ACRE Co-op Owners for Political Action program, you can contribute to candidates that support electric co-op interests - especially reliable and affordable electric power.

The average ACRE (Action Committee for Rural Electrification) contribution made by over 32,000 members nationwide is about $41. This isn’t corporate lobbyists buying influence. This is grassroots folks like you and me showing our commitment to our cooperative and our local community.

We’ll be talking more about ACRE at our District Meetings, coming up in May. We hope you’ll consider joining in to support a great cause that in turn supports your family’s need for affordable, reliable electricity


Speaking of improving the quality of life in our communities, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to review the Tri-County Electric People Fund’s Annual Report for 2013, which is included as a cover wrap in this issue.

The People Fund is a great example of working together for public service. You give your spare change from your energy bill, and the board members give their time, to return funds to families and organizations in need around us.

Over $1.8 million has been granted to fire departments, ambulance services, hospice, libraries, food pantries, and youth programs, among others. It’s all due to you, and your neighbors, who round up. Thank you for your continued support of the Tri-County Electric People Fund!

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