Manager's Message: Democracy Depends on You

Manager's Message: Democracy Depends on You

2016 is a great year for you to be part of a democracy.

Not the democracy that votes for seats in Lansing or Washington, D.C., or even in your township, city, or county, but a working democracy that you and your neighbors own - your electric cooperative!

In May each year, HomeWorks Tri-County staff brings the co-op to your neighborhood, with seven district member meetings where you can learn what's going on with YOUR electric utility.

It's kind of like a town hall. You come out and visit with your neighbors, enjoy a light meal, then conduct the business of your cooperative, whether you're electing district officers or your district's representative to the board of directors, and learn about the co-op's operations.

We'll have plenty of staff on hand so you can ask questions about your service, or about our solar garden, Energy Optimization programs, payment options, propane business, Country Lines magazine, and more.

We’ll bring our CFL recycling bucket, and you can plan to buy LED bulbs and smart power strips with our instant rebates from Energy Optimization.

We have activities for youngsters, and a prize drawing for kids aged 5 to 16. For adults, there’s a nice grand prize at each district of a 32-inch smart TV, plus drawings for energy billing credits, and a gift at the door for all who attend.

We usually start serving supper by 5:30 p.m., and unless there are a lot of questions, you’ll be back on the road by 7:30 or so. So it’s a quick evening, and we try to make it fun and informative.

But it’s not a democracy without you there, taking part in running your cooperative. We’d love to see you, whether you’ve never been to a district meeting before, or if you’ve been to 50 of them.

Come out and see if we measure up, as your democracy.


May, 2016 Michigan Country Lines

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