Manager's Message: Another Sign of Spring

Manager's Message: Another Sign of Spring

Guest column written by Cara Evans, director for District 5:

Our long, cold, snowy winter has tested us all, and now I hope everyone is welcoming spring -- gladly saying goodbye to the ice and snow, and trying to forget those very cold temperatures.
This past winter certainly made us realize how much electricity does for us, and how much we depend on it, for so much, in our daily lives. And what a true value electricity is, for all the work and convenience and comfort it provides for us.
Now we’re all looking for the robins and the crocuses and the baseball games -- any sign that yes, spring has arrived in mid-Michigan.
Here’s another sign of spring: HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative has scheduled the District Membership Meetings in May.
Have you ever attended a district meeting?
Have you met the general manager, Mark Kappler, and talked with him about your concerns?
Do you know the employees who keep things flowing, working for you?
Did you vote for the person who would represent you and your neighbors, making decisions for the cooperative at the board table?
Have you ever said “thank you” to the people who keep the power on?
If not, try something you’ve never done before.
Come experience your district meeting. All you have to do is come on in, sit back and relax, talk with friends and neighbors, or maybe meet someone new. We will do all the rest.
The opportunity is yours, the door is open to experience the power of the people who come together to make HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative.
Oh, there are prizes to be won also, and did I mention food?
I welcome you all to take the opportunity this year to experience the cooperative difference at your district membership meeting.

2014 District Membership meetings:
May 12 - District 5    Fulton Middle School Gym
May 13 - District 3    Eagle Park Hall
May 14 - District 7    St. Michael’s School, Remus
May 15 - District 1    St. Mary’s Church Hall, Charlotte
May 19 - District 4    (election) Vestaburg Middle School
May 20 - District 6    Beal City High School
May 21 - District 2    (election) St. Edward’s Church Hall, Lake Odessa
*Board election in Districts 2 and 4; see the May issue of Country Lines for information and an absentee ballot request form.
Each meeting starts with a light supper, followed by a business meeting at 6 pm.
Watch your mailbox in late April for information, a map, and your registration card!

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