10 Reasons To Join Us In May

10 Reasons To Join Us In May

This year’s district membership meetings start May 13 at the Fulton Elementary Gym near Middleton, and end on May 22 at the Eagle Park Hall.

Here’s our Top 10 list of reasons why you should come to your district meeting this year:

10 Learn about your electric utility! How did we do financially in 2018? Are we keeping up with maintenance to make sure the electric system stays reliable?

10a (bonus) If you purchase electricity from HomeWorks in District 1, 5 or 7, you can vote for your board representative at the meeting (as long as you didn’t vote by mail), then stay and hear the voting results afterward.

9 Win prizes, from a credit on your energy bill to a 43” smart TV. Kids aged 5-16 can register to win an iPad. (must be present to win!)

8 We’ll have a gift for everyone who attends – including for the kids.

7 Sign up to be a delegate to the Annual Meeting in August, and enjoy many of these Top 10 pleasures all over again!

6 Pick up a copy of the latest Michigan road map, Pure Michigan tourism guide, and an updated “Meet Your Michigan Legislators” book.

5 Take a closer look at Chevy Bolt, our all-electric car.

4 Stock up on LED bulbs (limit 12), nightlights, and other energy-savers with our instant rebates, and recycle your old “swirly” CFL bulbs.

3 Pre-register for HomeWorks Connect, our fiber optic internet service, and stay updated on the progress of the construction as we bring it to your neighborhood!

2 Enjoy a tasty light supper of sloppy joes, potato chips, cookies and ice cream.

1 Visit with your neighbors (bring a deck of cards or the latest photos of your grandkids to share).

We look forward to seeing you there.

Mark Kappler, General Manager
May 2019 issue of Michigan Country Lines

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