Interested in Seeking a Board Seat?

Interested in Seeking a Board Seat?

Pohl, Oplinger Seek Re-Election To Co-op Board

Luke Pohl of Westphalia and Ed Oplinger of Weidman have announced they will seek re-election to HomeWorks Tri-County Electric's board of directors this year.

Pohl was elected to his first full term in May 2015. District 3 includes members in Clinton County, except for Bingham, Duplain and Greenbush townships.

Oplinger has served District 6, comprised of members in Clare and Isabella counties, since he was first elected in 2009. 

The nominating committee in each district consists of the district's officers (listed on this page), elected by members at the district meeting in May. Each committee is required by the co-op's bylaws to nominate at least one candidate on or before Feb. 5. Candidates may also be nominated with a petition signed by at least 25 members from within the district. Petitions must be turned in by Feb. 20.

Names of nominees will be posted at the cooperative's offices by Feb. 28.

Interested in Seeking a Board Seat?

If you're interested in running for a HomeWorks board seat yourself, the cooperative's bylaw states you must be an individual member of the cooperative in good standing, at least 21 years old, residing in the district which you are to represent, and a U.S. citizen.

To become or remain a director, the bylaws continue, the candidate must have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts; comply with standards of conduct as laid out in the bylaws; and meet all reasonable conflict of interest qualifications found in Article VII, Section 3.

Also, within the 10 years immediately prior to becoming a director, a candidate shall not have been convicted of or pled guilty to a felony or misdemeanor crime involving issues of moral character.

For a copy of the bylaws, please visit our website at

If you meet these qualifications and would like to be nominated, contact your district nominating committee, listed on this page, or call HomeWorks Tri-County Electric at 517-647-1218 for a nominating petition.

Information about all candidates and district meeting dates will be published in the April issue of Country Lines, and members in Districts 3 and 6 will receive ballots and voting information in their mail.

Who Makes Up District Nominating Committees?

Nominating committees are comprised of the district officers, elected by members at the previous year's district meeting.

District 3: Clinton County, except Bingham, Duplain and Greenbush townships

Mary Jo Straub, Chair

3800 Essex Center Road

Saint Johns, MI 48879



Floyd Messer (Fowler), Vice Chair

Helen Goodknecht (Fowler), Secretary

District 6: Clare and Isabella counties

Richard Donley, Chair

1037 Lincoln Drive

Lake Isabella, MI 48893



Bob Thompson (Weidman), Vice Chair

Rose Nedry (Edmore), Secretary

New Election Timeline

Nominating Committee submits candidate names to Co-op  Feb. 5

Candidate credentials reviewed, names posted at Co-op       Feb. 15

Nominations by petition (25 signatures) due at Co-op           Feb. 20

Final candidate list posted at Co-op                                       Feb. 28

Ballots mailed to members in election districts                      April 15

Members may vote instead at district meeting                       May


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